Were you in a car crash? Here is a short list of steps to make sure you are doing what is needed for a successful claim when it comes to your health, your finances, your insurance, and the other vehicles.

Car accidents are one of the most common causes of injury in the United States. Whether it is a traffic accident, DUI, pedestrian crossing or cyclist, averages show most people will be a victim of an accident at least once in their life.
Days following a car accident, one can be upset, distorted, and financially burdened. For those in more severe accidents and severely injured, their lives can be changed forever.

A car accident can be difficult to handle, especially alone. That’s why at NJ Hurt Law, we make it a point to help guide you though this time. To help you keep on track of necessary information and processes of filing a claim, we created a checklist.

After a Car Accident Checklist:

1. Document everything you can about the scene

It is best to take pictures of multiple angles of the scene. This will help verify the accuracy of the accident, especially on the police report.

2. Collect information from all drivers and hurt victims involved in the crash

In addition, take note of the number of passengers in each vehicle.

3. Always wait for Police or authorities to arrive

Do not leave the scene without allowing authorities to process a police report. Without a police report there is little support about the occurrence and results of the car accident. This means, either party can make falsified claims about the accident which may be believed to be true. 

4. Contact an attorney

Make sure to get someone who is on your side. They will make sure the following sets occur correctly and smoothly. Without the correct attorney representation you may not get all the money to deserve to cover your medical expenses, car damages, and so much more. Increase your chances of having an easy and successful claim with a personal injury attorney from NJ Hurt Law. 

5. Contact your insurance company

The quicker you open a case, the more successful it will be. Allow your insurance company to start the process of opening a claim so you can proceed with the following steps.

6. Receive medical attention

Even if you are not injured or do not experience symptoms. It is best to seek medical attention the same day or next day. After an accident, there is usually a spike in adrenaline levels. This occurs to help numb the effects of an injury or pain. After a couple of days, it may wear off and you may feel aches and pains. The longer you wait to seek medical attention and evaluations the longer it takes to recover.

7. Keep record of all medical expenses and repairs

By keeping track of your expenses, you can help ensure you are fairly compensated for the damages and out of pocket costs.

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