Drive the New Jersey Turnpike for five minutes or more, and you’re sure to see at least one semi-truck on the road. From dump trucks to big rigs, tractor-trailers haul goods and cargo all over the state, from I-95 to Route 80. And while you’d like to think that truckers adhere to the laws of the road, that’s not always the case.

According to data from the FMCSA, within five years, large trucks in the United States caused:

Some Common Types of Truck Accidents That Negligent Drivers Cause Can Include:

What Makes A Truck Accident Different From A Car Accident?

Commercial freight trucks typically weigh eighty-thousand pounds, almost thirty times the weight of the average automobile. With the sturdiness and durability of a commercial freight truck, the surrounding environment usually has far more damage than the truck itself. Even though laws are put into place to restrict driver fatigue and limit the driving duration to ten hours a day, the need for urgency and “next day” delivery is at an all time high to deliver instant gratification and high satisfaction. Driver’s are sometimes additionally incentivized to drive farther and longer distances to meet this demand.

Because damages from the impact of a truck are much larger than a car accident alone. For this reason, pay outs or settlements from a truck accident can be in the millions! With that being said, insurance companies will try their best to prove their driver was not liable and limit the amount of costs from their possession. Insurance companies are known to referrer their best adjusters to aduit damages on the car. Their adjustments may seem large, but in actuality there may be far more damages than assessed which limit you to compensation.

Injuries from a truck accident can be very serious. Truck accidents are known to involve whiplash, broken bones, brain injury, deep lacerations and are often life altering. For this reason, medical bills associated with truck accidents are much larger as hospital time is typically much longer than that of a car accident. In addition, victims of truck accidents typically can not return to work immediately, imposing a burden on ones day to day and monthly bills.

With an experienced NJ Hurt Law attorney by your side, a more accurate calculation of pain and suffering can be determined while helping you obtain the compensation you truly deserve.

How Can I Be Compensated From A Truck Accident?

Medical Expenses

Hospital costs, doctor visits, medical equipment, medical transportation and more are labeled under this category

Loss of Wages

Even if you are unable to work, bills still need to be paid. In a truck accident you may be eligible for compensation for wages expected to be earned it you have not been in the accident.

Pain and Suffering

Compensation for the physical pain suffered from injuries resulting from the truck accident. Compensation is based on injury type, extent of pain and expected duration of suffering.

Mental Anguish

Emotional suffering can also result from a truck accident. Grief embarrassment, nervousness, worry, and fright are only a few examples for emotional suffering.

Loss of Consortium

If a spouse is lost due to a truck accident, the marital partner of the deceased spouse may be able to recover marital benefits, affection and comfort.

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