Here’s a fact of life: accidents happen every day. But not all accidents are equal. There’s a big difference between accidentally forgetting to pick up dinner and causing an auto accident because of negligence. If you or a loved one has been injured by an irresponsible party driver, ask yourself this:

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Negligence is established after four elements have been confirmed

Duty of Care Breached

Injuries happen when at-fault drivers neglect their duty of care. If a reasonable driver in a similar instance acted differently to prevent injury, a breach of duty might have occurred.

Duty of Care Present

Did the at-fault party have a legal obligation to reasonably prevent injuries to themselves and others?


You (or, preferably, your attorney) have to prove your injuries stemmed from the breached duty of care. Put differently, the motorcycle accident could have been prevented if the defendant had upheld their duty of care.


If you lost money from missing work, property damage, or medical bills, damages are present. Your lawyer can also obtain compensation if you experienced emotional damages, not just financial.
If you’re curious if your motorcycle accident claim is valid, let NJ Hurt Law pair you with a specialized attorney who can answer that question. Remember – a strong case begins directly after your accident with qualified representation.